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  • Golden visas for oligarch offspring

    Did you hear the one about when the British government gave foreign investors a golden visa if they promised to invest 2-million quid. The government scrapped the plan in February for fears that it had been exploited by Russian oligarchs. The Home Office on Wednesday disclosed that it approved 46 applications for the tier 1…

  • American abortions

    America, just let women own their own bodies, yeah? I’m looking at you too, Northern Ireland.

  • Sun and men and tools

    Sun and men and tools

    What is it with British men and power tools on sunny days?

  • When will it be spring?

    The evenings are definitely getting longer and nature appears to be waking up. Why is it still so damned cold? And when is Springwatch on? No dates yet. It should be the end of this month but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to sit…

  • The porn MP quit

    The MP who was watching porn in the commons, Neil Parish, has quit. After initially claiming he didn’t know who was watching porn, then admitting he did but it was an accident, has now admitted that it was an accident first time but the second time was not. Apparently, he was searching for “tractors” and…

  • Rain on a bank holiday

    It’s Mayday bank holiday weekend and it’s raining. Given everything else that’s happening in the world, that’s such a minor problem.

  • Watching porn in the House of Commons

    If I was to watch porn at work, I would be fired. Quite rightly so. Even without the reverence of ministerial office, work is just not the place for that kind of behaviour. Do that in your own time and in your own space.

  • Off Twitter

    Elon Musk is now at the helm of Twitter. Right now, it’s hard to say if that will make a noticeable difference or not but if Elon has his way, Twitter could become a very different place. With that in mind, I think it’s time I started posting here again. Here, I have free speech,…

  • Pilchard got a YouTube channel

    My other persona got a fancy official channel. That’s like a Twitter blue tick for musicians on YouTube

  • A Christmas poem

    Guess I’ve been naughty, not nice this year…