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  • The Empire will never die

    Why should we bring back the imperial system of weights and measures? Is it easier to use than the metric system? No. Is it a global standard? No. So why? Because it’s British. It’s British, so it’s great. It’s a reminder of when Britain ruled the world. To anyone that isn’t a flag-shagging nationalist, it’s…

  • We need more guns

    What kind of idiot thinks the way to solve America’s gun problem is more guns? Of course, he would say that at a rally for gun nuts.

  • America

    Fix your fucking gun laws. How many more kids have to die?

  • Spring is here

    The temperature is rising, the flowers and blossoms are blooming, and the critters are getting busy. That can only mean one thing. Spring is here! Time to get outside.

  • Will he or won’t he

    Today on Twitter, Elon Musk said the acquisition of Twitter is being postponed. Something to do with fake accounts. Don’t care. As you’d expect, Twitter stock bombed immediately. Could this be the reason why he made the announcement? Maybe he wants to save himself a few billion and snap it up for a lower price.…

  • Barbers

    Going to the barbers terrifies me. Having someone that close to me for an extended period is bad enough but the worst part is the conversation. I’ve got nothing to give. I will be expected to give. Nothing will be given.

  • How we do

  • Remember pickled egg

    I still remember that time my fish and chips came with a pickled egg instead of the pickled onion I ordered. I took a bite. Of course I took a bite. I shouldn’t have taken a bite. It tasted like I imagine rotting flesh or roast dog poo to taste. I never want that near…

  • Loud exhausts

    If you’re one of those people that has an unnecessarily loud car or motorcycle exhaust, you are an arse.

  • To do or not to do?

    I have a problem with to-do lists. It’s definitely a “me problem” but a problem nonetheless. As soon as anything goes on a to-do list, it might as well have been consigned to Room 101. It ain’t happening. These days, work generally either comes in by way of a Jira ticket or email. I’m all…