WrongMod 1.0

WrongMod is the first new plugin from CodeAudio in… well, a very long time. This effect plugin combines ring modulation, FM modulation and a kind of peak following FM modulation. Just for teh lulz.

You can download WrongMod 1.0 VST here.

WrongMod VST plugin by CodeAudio


Driv32 is a waveshaping distortion plugin with soft saturation overdrive. It is ideal for synths and is based on taking crossover distortion to the extreme limits and beyond.

You can download Driv32 1.0 VST here.



WTF is a sound mangler that is a little left of the middle. Delay, chorus, flanger, pitcher, harmonic shifter, reverser and sonic assault barrage all in one pocket sized pouch.

Made with Synthedit, it comprises of some of the latest modular technology by Pilchard, Jeff Mc Clintock, Chris Kerry and David Haupt.

You can download WTF 1.0 VST here.


Edge – Subharmonic Synthesiser

EDGE is a subharmonic synth. Unlike most bass enhancers, it doesn’t just boost the bass or shape the lower frequencies. What it does is takes the input signal and creates a bass signal one (or even two) octaves lower than the original.

You can download Edge 1.0 VST here.


Width – Stereo Image Modifier

Width is a simple but effective tool for widening (or narrowing) a stereo image.

On top of the stereo widening, it has a built-in high-frequency stimulator. Width will not magically turn mono sources into stereo audio, it will only enhance existing stereo images. It is based on an algorithm that does not use any delay but removes material that is common to the left and right channels.

You can download Width 1.0 VST here.

codeaudio width vst

Gide – Plucked String Simulator

Utilising waveguide technology based on delay algorithms by Chris Kerry, GIDE is overflowing with resonance, brightness and presence (Well, we think so anyway but don’t take our word for it!).

If the sound of the waveguide alone isn’t enough for you, GIDE also features a state variable filter and stereo chorus. All parameters can be automated using either VST or MIDI automation.

Download Gide 1.0 VSTi here

codeaudio gide vst plucked string

Squeekbox 2.0 VSTi – Monosynth

It is a TB *cough* style monosynth that has the usual semi-fixed envelopes and glide etc plus Detune and filter intensity controls. Like the original, it is made with Synthedit but unlike the original, it doesn’t look like an arse.

Download Squeekbox 2.0 VSTi here

codeaudio squeekbox 2 vsti monosynth

BeatBurner VSTi

It probably won’t work, due to being old and out of date but you can download BeatBurner here.


Download BeatBurner

BeatBurner, using innovative wave shaping and filtration methods, turns innocent drum beats, loops or sounds into new, fresh and vibrant audio parts for you to incorporate into your musical arrangements.

BeatBurner comes with myriad sample loops to get you started but it doesn’t stop there, you can mangle, whittle or process any sound you want! Full automation and preset morphing means there are literally no limits to the soundscapes you can create.

If you don’t know what any of the above means and VST means nothing to you, BeatBurner is not for you.

Oh, and if you do download it, you’ll need the serial code:

978691 978691 942822 437761

If that doesn’t work, try the following (thanks, Knossos):

978691 258426 942822 437761

Oh, you were looking for music by Pilchard (Lee Stacey)? Here it is!

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  1. It does work in Ableton 9.5 and Cantabile 2, Win 7/32. In Reaper 5, Tobybear Minihost and Savihost there is no Gui, therefore no function (but no crash).


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