Are you looking for Pilchard, pioneer of bolloxcore, shitnoise, and hard guff? Good. You found him. He’s me.

I’ve been writing and releasing music as Pilchard since about 1997 when I first encountered Bob the Builder who has a cat of the same name.

Prior to that, I was always buggering about with something noisy; taking stuff apart, fixing it, messing with it, hitting it and so on. I still do that now but in a slightly more organised fashion.

You probably didn’t come here for my life story, so here’s some music:


Pilchard - 337 - album artwork by Cara Havenga

My second studio album has finally arrived! It’s called, 337, and it’s largely inspired by my surroundings down on the south coast of the UK.

Here, you will find a bit of drum and bass, some IDM, hip-hop, and even a touch of house music… I know, right? House.


  1. Beep Joint
  2. Interlude
  3. Ducks Have Feelings
  4. Interjection
  5. Bio Liquefaction
  6. Intersect
  7. Baby Face Drilla
  8. Intersubjectivity
  9. Hard Pulse
  10. Interdimensional
  11. Nightjar
  12. Intertextuality
  13. Bottom Feeder
  14. Interdiction
  15. Elastic Bombastic
  16. Continental Drifters
  17. French Exit
  18. DNR
  19. Intervention
  20. 337
  21. Interoceptor
  22. Creeping Enlightenment
  23. Internalise
  24. Just Can’t Hear You

Download and stream Pilchard – 337:

King of Boscombe

Pilchard - King of Boscombe - album artwork by Cara Havenga
Pilchard – King of Boscombe album art

King of Boscombe was kind of an accident. I was thinking about that difficult second album (which is almost complete, by the way) but got sidetracked and made this instead.

This EP is basically a sandwich made of breakbeat bread with a filling of downtempo hip-hop beats.


  1. King of Boscombe
  2. Two Headed Bullet
  3. Tiny Raptor
  4. Made of Bees
  5. King of Boscombe (Memoraphile Remix)

Download and stream Pilchard – King of Boscombe:


Pilchard - Amy - album artwork
Pilchard – Amy album art

My debut album, Amy (named after my Daughter), was released in 2006. It was mostly written in 2002/03. It contains all sorts of weirdness. I’ll let you discover it for yourself.


  1. Miss Conception
  2. Used to Be
  3. Fear and Loathing (in Burgess Hill)
  4. Convolution Revolution
  5. Amy
  6. Putaway
  7. Screaming Abdabs
  8. What Clipping
  9. Non Cosmopolitan
  10. I Store
  11. They Come the Harder
  12. 4000 Orgasms

Download and stream:

Is that not enough?

You really want more? Okay, the rest of my music can be found on my Pilchard music website and/or on Righteous Robot Records.