Social media suicide – the conclusion

12 Mar 2011

Find out what happens when you delete your social media profiles and start again.

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Social media suicide – and what about influence?

16 Feb 2011

Influence is a funny old beast and I’ve got to admit, narcissistic as it may sound, losing my influence was one of my biggest worries when deciding whether or not to take the plunge and start again with a brand new Twitter account. The funny thing is that I really don’t think I have lost […]

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Social media suicide – @LStacey is dead, long live @LStacey

13 Feb 2011

After some great comments on my last blog post “Should I commit social media suicide?” and from Twitter, I’ve decided to go ahead with the experiment and start again with a fresh new Twitter account. Just to keep things simple I did some name swapping so that I could keep my ID @LStacey and not […]

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Should I commit social media suicide?

12 Feb 2011

Having almost 15,000 Twitter followers is great sometimes. I get an enormous amount of exposure every time I write a blog post and so does anyone I retweet and that has come mostly from growing my Twitter contacts. Growth? I started collecting Twitter followers en-masse a couple of years ago as an experiment to try […]

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Want to get engagement on Twitter? Tweet silly!

30 Jan 2011

It's an absolute no brainer that to get more out of Twitter you need more engagement but some people struggle to actually make that happen. You're working hard, tweeting insight and knowledge but you're still not getting the levels of real conversation you want. Why is that? What do people want from you? I can […]

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A Twitter follower is for life, not just for Christmas

29 Dec 2010

So many people on Twitter trying to get more followers; It seems that people are obsessed with this number. I could just sit here all smug like and gloat over my own over inflated follower count or I could share a little of my understanding and help you find a little more value in your […]

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5 simple SEO tweaks for bloggers

19 Dec 2010

I’m sure I’m right in thinking that most bloggers want more people reading and sharing content from their blogs. With that in mind, I’ve put together a simple list of 5 things you can do quite easily to increase the number of visitors coming to your blog via search engines. Chances are that you’re probably […]

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Facebook – Messages that matter

16 Nov 2010

So if someone sends you an email or IM, you should be able to text them back or vice versa. OK so one platform for all of my messages that can be used from any device.  This is a dream come true… If it works.  At least it’s *almost* a dream come true.  I would […]

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Why Twitter is not a reliable news source and traditional press wins

14 Oct 2010

Big news stories often break first on Twitter these days but if you were to use the voice of the people as your main source for news you would be a fool.  The reason for this is that news only spreads on Twitter if it is big and sensational.  It will also spread whether there […]

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