Is iPad the perfect home computer?

Once again the world has gone crazy about another Apple product but is it really that useful?  To the average geek, it probably isn’t because it’s not really very practical for hardcore computing; we have better devices.  Portability wise, everything we need to do on the move is taken care of by our smartphones and it’s just too damn big to cart about.

Let’s take it out of the hands of the geek for a second and put it in your average domestic situation.  It’s perfect for sofa or bed based browsing, ebook (or iBook) reading and with the keyboard dock, it will even sit on your desk and work quite well for basic correspondence needs.

The base model is perfectly suited for this role at a very attractive price. OK, so it can’t multitask.  It’s a leisure time thing.  Who really needs multitasking when they are sitting down at home casually browsing, reading a book or playing a game?

It doesn’t do Flash… Big deal.

Content providers are already creating iPhone apps so TV on demand and the likes will no doubt come to the iPad in a very nice slick format soon enough and without any negative impact on the user experience.

So at first, I was like “meh.” But then I was like “OH I SEE!” So there might even be a place for one in my home too.