Symmetrical road junction disappearing into a cloud of social media icons

Where did the good stuff go?

Once upon a time, this website was full of stuff about SEO, social media, and marketing in general. And now it isn’t. What gives?

To be honest, a lot of it is so out of date that it has become completely useless, and as such, has been deleted. Good riddance.

That’s not true of everything. The good stuff that was here, and hasn’t gone out of date, is now over on one of my business sites, Bourne Digital.

Which posts made it over?

Here’s a list of the stuff that was here but is now there:

And what becomes of this website? For now, it’s just a blog. If I have something to say, I’ll say it here. Few people will ever read it and everyone will be happy. Nirvana.

So, if you’re looking for SEO & digital marketing, go to Bourne Digital.

If you’re looking for Lee’s music, go to

If you’re looking for Lee’s record label, Go to Righteous Robot Records

If you’re looking for some old git moaning about stuff, you’re in the right place already.

Thanks for reading and caring.