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10 simple steps to improve your effectiveness on social media

13 Mar 2017

The road to social media nirvana need not be as hard going as you think. This simple 10 step process will help you build a killer social presence.

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why brands should bring social media in-house

Why brands need to bring social media management in-house

1 Mar 2017

Consultant, Lee Stacey explains how bringing social media management in-house is easy pays dividends.

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Will instant messaging spell the end for email?

22 Jan 2017

Email should be a thing of the past but will instant messaging take the crown? Read on to find out.

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Is Twitter dying or is it just me?

8 Jan 2017

In this article, Lee Stacey attempts to work out whether or not Twitter is now an ex parrot.

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What is good engagement?

7 Oct 2016

Are you effectively measuring engagement on social media?

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Promoted Tweets Annoy Me

3 Nov 2013

I’ve been wrestling with the subject of promoted tweets for a while and I think I’ve come up with a solution. A solution that makes me feel better, at least. Promoted Tweets Aren’t That Bad They really aren’t. Actually, they’re a good thing and I fully support them. Provided they are relevant to me, that […]

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Woodland Walk Gate Boscombe Goes Free – Hardly Anyone Notices

27 Feb 2013

The social network for nerds, now has a free option for users who don’t want to splash the cash. The news seems to have had very little impact on the world outside the network. Before the change, users could only use if they paid $36 per year or $5 per month. The theory […]

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Should all brands engage on Twitter

7 Oct 2012

With social media in its autumn years as a “thing”, most brands in English speaking countries are finding their way on to Twitter, and quite rightly too. It’s a party you just can’t afford to miss. Unfortunately, it feels like one of those dysfunctional parties where nobody really knows anyone. Some are there with an […]

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Path – my favourite social network

21 Mar 2012

When it first appeared on the scene back in 2010, the idea behind social network Path was that you could have a more personal space, for sharing moments with those really close to you. This being the all important factor, you were limited to only 50 friends. The other (almost) unique factor was that it […]

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