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You’re probably here because you’re looking for music by Pilchard, or as his family and other normals call him, Lee Stacey.

Lee Stacey is best-known for his 2006 release, Amy, and as a demo songwriter for music production platform, FL Studio (formerly Fruityloops). Considered by many as a pioneer in the IDM and Bollockscore genres, Lee has been twisting sound and making harsh tasty beats since 1988.

Pilchard’s new EP, King of Boscombe is out now:

Pilchard – King of Boscombe tracklisting:

  1. King of Boscombe
  2. Two Headed Bullet
  3. Tiny Raptor
  4. Made of Bees
  5. King of Boscombe (Memoraphile Remix)

Check out the Album, Amy by Pilchard on YouTube:

Pilchard – Amy – Tracklisting:

  1. Pilchard – Miss Conception
  2. Pilchard – Used to Be
  3. Pilchard – Fear and Loathing (in Burgess Hill)
  4. Pilchard – Convolution Revolution
  5. Pilchard – Amy
  6. Pilchard – Putaway
  7. Pilchard – Screaming Abdabs
  8. Pilchard – What Clipping
  9. Pilchard – Non Cosmopolitan
  10. Pilchard – I Store
  11. Pilchard – They Come the Harder
  12. Pilchard – 4000 Orgasms

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New (Old) Stuff For 2018: Pilchard – Classics ’97-’03

Lost tunes from the archives, found again and released for your listening pleasure.

Pilchard – Classics ’97-’03 – Tracklisting:

  1. Burgess Hill Skank
  2. Chip Fat Skank
  3. Slow Jam Tart
  4. Fridge With a Gun
  5. Cursed Tin Opener
  6. Diary of a Bipolar Explorer
  7. Al Gore’s Riddim Section
  8. I Don’t Know What I’m Singing
  9. Pilchard’s Cunky Drummer
  10. Obviously Broken
  11. Invasion of the Pilchards Parts 1-3
  12. Pilchard’s Slow Descent Into Madness
  13. Probably Someone’s Darkest Hour
  14. Fuck You I’m Alive

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New Music From Pilchard/Lee Stacey

Jump forward to 2018 and you’ll find Pilchard back in the studio again, putting the finishing touches on his new album, “Boscombe”, as it’s currently, temporarily named.

The new work picks up where Amy left off, with dirty, discombobulated IDM beats, hip-hop, and drum and bass influences, encrusted in a layer of cruddy filth. Nothing less than expected, and certainly nothing more. Boscombe is the next chapter in Pilchard’s evolution, just as it is a personal chapter in Lee Stacey’s life. Taking inspiration from Boscombe, a suburb of Bournemouth, on the sunny south coast of Britain, this work captures the grimy charm and unconventional beauty of the area.

To tell the truth, it’s almost done and dusted, he just needs to put the finishing touches on it and mix it properly. Processes. Boring but necessary processes. Look out for the new Pilchard album in 2018. Coming to a streaming or download service near you soon.

Music by Lee Stacey

Music by Lee Stacey as Pilchard

More music by Lee Stacey (Pilchard) here:

Artists – Righteous Robot Records

Want some more? Check out some Pilchard classics:


  1. Pilchard – Tzachitx
  2. Pilchard – Dirtyclean
  3. Pilchard – Convolution Revolution
  4. Pilchard – Fear and Loathing (in Burgess Hill)
  5. Lee Stacey – Yes I’m Back
  6. Pilchard – D-S-L

Lee Stacey is also the founder of a record label called Righteous Robot Records.

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5 thoughts on “Music”

  1. good to see you Pilchard. I am still having your projects named – for the one i love , fourier 133, and some idm’ish stuff with (fuckoffff) vocal. You have done a lot of great job in FL. I remember we talked only once when u sent me the projects. I appreciate that. You are very talented artist, hope that you are releasing music and achieving your aims.

  2. You gave me huge inspiration back in the day and to this day still man awesome stuff. Greetings from Finland! Thank you so much

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