Someone else’s dream that was actually interesting

Someone just told me about the dream they had last night.  It was weird, bad, good and epic all rolled into one so I thought I’d share it with you:

I dreamt that i ad an identical twin that was put in a mental home from before i could remember…

Somehow i found out, and when i asked my mum she said to me: “Yeah didnt i tell you” as if it was really trivial….

I went to see him and he didnt seem mad at all, just sat there all looking hawt like me…. I went to leave but they wouldn’t let me and threw me in this padded cell with my mental twin. The way he was staring was scaring me and freaking me out. Then he satrted crawling towards me and i could feel real fear… I was petrified… He got closer and closer and i was hudlling up in the corner cowering….

Then i saw my whole family at a window and could hear them saying whats wrong with him its like he’s scared of something but there is nothing there… I DIDNT EVEN HAVE AN IDENTICAL TWIN!!!!

I woke up in a sweat and still felt scared..