People see the words “fan page” and instantly think you have delusions of grandeur when you create one; unless you’re a superstar, that is. In my case, there are some very simple reasons behind doing so.


The new Facebook privacy settings are a total pain in the arse but surprisingly they are actually better than they ever were, just a damn sight more complicated. The good thing is that you can lock things down and only let people see what you want them to see. You can organise people into lists and exclude them from certain content and it all works pretty well (I think). Rather than exclude my extended network from things and have to add people to lists every time I get a new friend request, I’ve decided to only have my “inner circle” as Facebook friends. My extended network doesn’t need or even want to know what I’m saying to my Mum.


I create a lot of content that my extended network are interested in (because that’s more than likely how they came to be in my extended network in the first place) but my friends and family are probably not. In fact, they probably get pretty peeved with me flooding them out all the time. I can publish content to a Facebook fan page and only those who want to see it will see it.


A fan page allows you to grow a larger extended network. Anyone can join in and get social. It’s a good way to increase your reach and influence without compromising your personal life.


Pages allow you to share with more people and allow more people to share with you. Whether that be photos, links, or whatever content. Sharing is good!

The House Vs. The Pub

Your Facebook profile is like an online version of your house. Your friends and family may come and go as they please but you don’t just want to let anyone in. They may pee on the carpet and that’s never a good thing! Your Facebook page is more like your local pub. You can go and chat to anyone you like and meet new people if you wish to do so. Anyone can come in, anyone can leave. Anyone can choose to interact with anyone else or not. Entirely up to them.

The Spammy Bit :p

Now I’ve given you the whys and wherefores, please allow me to spam you with a link to my Facebook fan page:

You don’t have to join if you don’t want to but I do like to be social and if you do too, it probably wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

0 thoughts on “Why I Made A Facebook “Fan Page” – And Why You Should Too”

  1. I would suggest not updating it too often. We are willing to get updates often from those people we call friend but not from fb friends or fanpages. I think I have blocked most fanpages so I never see it. The hide is so easy and then people won’t think twice. Too bad you could set the updates to be relitive to a persons feed It gives you some really interesting options the fanpage. It does give you a single viral shot and then you really need to find ways to motivate users to share. I am working on changing my app to basically focus on helping people highlight them in the fanpage. I found that a lot of the apps out their were built by people who do not actually have to build their brand like you and me…Still it is frustrating because facebook changes so much… I need to find some engineers and or designers and or video edit and or business person to really take it to the next level. I think the fanpage is actually the most important social media feature on the web behind youtube. Video is such a powerful feature. all you need to do is being interesting. Create emotion in people.. I know you are big on twitter but I hate twitter with a passion.. I find it depressing.. too surface.. I long for deep meaningful connections..But then again I am the crazy guy who has a dream of going to every place corporations have damaged our earth in their greed and put a face on it… they are way too abstract with greenhouse gases.. lets be honest does anyone think our gov’ts and industry will address the issues.. so instead lets focus on things people can see.. I am good at telling stories… anyways great post…

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