A lot of people on Twitter like to rack up followers without a care who they are or what they are interested in.  Emphasis on numbers and collecting meaningless followers is not what social media is all about.  It is about engegement and conversation.

Sure it is good to know people are following you but isn't it better to know they are following you because they are interested in what you have to say?

The best advice for getting a meaningful follower count is just to do what you do.  If you do that, the "right" people will follow you and in most cases will be worth a follow back.

That is the most sense I can come up with today on this one.  Feel free to expand with comments below.

0 thoughts on “Twitter Observation 2”

  1. It’s those darn attention whores. That’s why. I don’t see the point in being well known if you don’t care for the reason why you ARE well known.An example I guess could relate back to music, and how people often rip tracks off, passing them as their own. I personally wouldn’t want to be known for something I didn’t create or had no part in. The same goes for twitter with “followers” I suppose. If people are following you because you are not presenting YOURself, then what’s the point?

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