Have you ever noticed that the number of people on Twitter claiming to be social media consultants or somesuch similar guff appear to outnumber everyone else?

I'm guessing that most of these people are either very bad at their so called job or just assuming the title because it sounds cool.

No I don't have any numbers to back this up.  I haven't done any research.  I don't care if I'm wrong.

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  1. Lee, you’re right on the money on that one. Exactly what is a “social media expert” or, for that matter an SEO (search engine optimization expert)? And how is that measured?One recently told me that, because s/he (See? I covered for them) had over 1,000 followers s/he was an expert. I suggested that this was the same number as John McCain, some teen in Malaysia I’d chatted with…and the woman who tweets about menstrual cramps.(sigh)Love him or not, Barack Obama had over 350,000 followers and thousands of “friends” on Facebook. Whoever was managing his use of social media (which, by the by, includes email, interactive websites/blogs and announcements with strong calls to action)–now THAT was a social media expert.The rest of them are poseurs.

  2. A social media expert who has no expertise is a weaver of spells. And the people to fall under the spell of such a person are those who wonder what the social media expert knows that they do not.Whereas a true social media expert is a rebadged social relations counsel about whom Edward Bernays wrote in his book ‘Propaganda’ in 1928.The same principles are applied today as were applied then – it is the technique of finding the influencers who convince the man in the street to do X instead of Y. As Bernays says at one point, it is the technique whereby you do not try to sell a man a car, but rather get him to ask how he can buy one.

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