I am excluded from Twitter search.  Search for anything I’ve posted and it won’t show.  I have contacted Twitter Support via their support application several times and every time, without fail I have been bounced straight to “Twitter Rules” area of their support forum and the support ticket has been closed.  Because they haven’t actually communicated with me in any way I have had to read the Twitter Rules and draw my own conclusions.  Interesting that the TOS on the main Twitter website makes no reference to these so called Twitter Rules at all…


I churn follow.  Following a lot of people, some of whom follow back and some don’t.  I then manually go through and keep the interesting stuff.  Some people don’t like this technique because spammers also do this.  Although they are generally 100% automated and obviously only keep those who follow back.  For me I’ve actually found this technique really valuable and have made contacts that I would not have made otherwise.  According to the Twitter Rules, this spammer like behavior should be punished so I’m guessing this is why I don’t show up in Twitter search.  The fact that I don’t actually spam or have anything to sell whatsoever is neither here nor there.  I look like a spammer from a distance so I must be punished…


Based on this logic, the following must also apply:

  • We must kill anyone with a beard and rucksack, for they look like terrorists
  • Arrest anyone wearing a stripey jumper because they are obviously a burglar
  • Punish people wearing hooded tops and/or baseball caps because they will steal your Grannie’s handbag
  • Come down hard on anyone with a violin case because there might be a machine gun in it
  • We must bomb the crap out of any country that may have weapons we don’t think they should have

I could go on…


Come on Twitter, this is just a little ridiculous…


It didn’t work for Hitler and it won’t work for you.


There are many people in a similar position to myself.  Sort it out and actually do some work to fight real spammers.  You know that really isn’t Britney Spears, right?

0 thoughts on “Twitter – It Didn’t Work For Hitler And It Won’t Work For You”

  1. I read that accounts linked with TBH were blanket regarded as ‘spam’ – I don’t know if that is true or whether I got the wrong end of the stick.

  2. Godwin’s Law in full effect! I doubt this will be the last time Godwin’s Law comes into play where Twitter is concerned!

  3. They got me too bro. And I don’t “churn follow”. I Wonder if there is more to it. LIke the way Ashton Kutcher can be in tons of wefollow catagories and the rest of us have to choose only three….

  4. so you randomly follow people and then see if they follow you, and then keep them or not? what’s the problem? You wanna follow me, knock yourself out; I hope you find something worth seeing; maybe you’ll find me funny, maybe I’ll be boring. If you’re bored, you’ll unfollow me, and I think I’ll get over it. I see you following me, I check to see if you’re naked, if so, I block you; if not and you seem to be a real person, I follow you and see if you have anything interesting to say. Isn’t that how it works?

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