Alright, I admit, the headline is a bit on the dramatic side but there is some logic behind it.  Like dot com domain names, there are only so many available and when your name or the name of your brand is gone, chances are it is gone forever and there's nothing you can do about it.

It's only a matter of time before professional name squatters will decend on every twitter ID that resembles a name or trademark for the single purpose of selling it to its rightful (really?) owner.

My advice to you is that whether you're a company or an individual, if you don't have one already get a Twitter account and save that ID.  Nobody really wants to be known as @JohnDoe764183746.

0 thoughts on “Twitter ID Is The New Dot Com”

  1. I’m sure you’re right that people will try this, but from my understanding, Twitter doesn’t allow the sale of Twitter IDs. They can prohibit that because essentially they own them. Of course, I did hear that the cnnbrk twitter name was sold to CNN, so I’m not sure how they’re enforcing that. It’s probably a situation that CNN could have just asked Twitter and they would have been given the account. But since someone else put all that effort and work into promoting it, CNN paid them out of good will and for better publicity than they would have gotten from demanding it be turned over.

  2. All you have to do is check out some of the major brands like Walmart and know that is already happening.

  3. Very very true, I was using my full name but had a change (to rachaelblogs) so signed up and nabbed my real name as soon as it was available. Another point is you don’t want someone pretending to be you, although this is highly unlikely for average joes.

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