With the dawning of a new TOS and tweaked ruleset on Twitter, it’s evident that the spammer accounts have started to peeve people off a little.  You’ve probably been shocked or amazed yourself at how many robotic followers you have.  Well, times are a-changing and we can all start to do something about that.  You can now scan for spammy looking accounts amongst your followers with a tool called Twitblock.


What Twitblock does is scan your followers and give them a score based on how spammy they look.  I won’t go into too many details here because it says all that on their site so there’s no need for me to waste my time duplicating content just because you’re lazy.  Simply put, if an account looks reasonably spam like, Twitblock will flag it for your attention and give you the opportunity to block, analyse or mark as “not spam” for each of the accounts shown.  Your clicks help towards the overall spamminess rankings of each user too which means that if a lot of people block an account its score will be higher and vice versa for those you mark as “not spam”.  Not only this but a lot of blocks will flag the account for the Twitter Gods to investigate too, ultimately leading to their demise.  How awesome is that?

Attached image “Twitblock01.jpg” (image 3) shows the top results from my first scan.  I actually ran the scan twice on account of my large follower base, removing the obvious spam accounts first and on the second run investigating the not so obvious ones manually.  Using the analyze tool as you go through is a bit of a pain because it opens a new page and when you go back it has to reload your previous results.  Definitely better to do this on a second pass.  That said, I actually found it easier to analyse the accounts manually by opening their profiles.  You should be able to see by looking at a user’s tweets as to whether they should be followed, unfollowed or blocked.

Tip: As you’re running through the list, you’ll notice the same profile image may crop up more than once.  This is a pretty good sign that you should hit that “block” button.  (thanks @paulwebster for that hint)


Another feature of the site is that you can analyse individual accounts for their spamminess.  Attached image “Twitblock02.jpg” (image 1) shows an analysis of my account @LStacey.  Make of it what you will…  :/

Unfortunately, the Twitter Gods still think I’m a spammer…  You’ll notice I still don’t show up in search…  Oh well!  I digress…

Drum Roll Please

Anyways, everybodypeeps my final verdict is that it is well worth running this tool.  By doing so you are not only clearing out your own crap but having a positive effect on the global Twitter community too.  It’s ALL GOOD!

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  1. Twitblock also works on the iPhone! No reason as to why it shouldn’t, of course but it’s a bonus that it does and is actually useable!

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