Looking for Turf Wars mob codes? You’ve come to the right place. The mob codes below belong to real active users and members of the notorious Lucchese Family.

Turf Wars Mob Codes

The Don, McLaurin: Wauk1187

Lucchese Family soldiers:

  • 716GangStuff: MAFIA076
  • Ace in the hole: PRICY365
  • Boscombe 337: B337
  • Dicrede: X147
  • Don Securio: HADJI183
  • 🇺🇸*1776*🇺🇸: POOP1
  • Miss Xandria: Neums121
  • pomeroy1: STORMTROOPER
  • Dott187: ANAL3078
  • The_Barber: BDJ
  • Adoleksone: JOBE8062

Would you like to join the Lucchese Family on Turf Wars? If you think you can cut the mustard, contact McLaurin in game.