Looking for Turf Wars mob codes? You’ve come to the right place. The mob codes below belong to real active users and members of the notorious Lucchese Family.

Turf Wars Mob Codes

The Don, McLaurin: Wauk1187

Lucchese Family soldiers:

  • 716GangStuff: MAFIA076
  • Ace in the hole: PRICY365
  • 🔥B337🔥: B337
  • Dicrede: X147
  • Don Securio: HADJI183
  • 🇺🇸*1776*🇺🇸: POOP1
  • Miss Xandria: NEUMS121
  • pomeroy1: STORMTROOPER
  • Dott187: ANAL3078
  • The_Barber: BDJ
  • Adoleksone: JOBE8062

Would you like to join the Lucchese Family on Turf Wars? If you think you can cut the mustard, contact McLaurin in game.

Where to find Turf Wars mob codes

The best place to mob up every day is over at mob.codes.

There you will find lists of mob codes and temp codes that you can check off as you enter them (registration required).

Registering at the site also adds your mob code to the database for others to add.

If you want to build your Turf Wars mob, mob.codes is the fastest and most reliable way to do so.

Other ways to get Turf Wars mob codes

Within the game, there is a forum dedicated to mob codes. Posting your code there will often get you a few mob each time.

It’s not advisable to post your code in other forums or in the Real-Time Chat Beta. This will likely get you capped.


Henchmen count as mob members in fights and when you are defending or capping turf. You can win them as loot items in raids or buy them from the Don.