The Crap Website Awards are coming!

You know what it’s like, you’re stumbling around the interwebs, looking for awesomes, and suddenly you find yourself staring at the kind of breathtaking crapness you just can’t keep to yourself;  Backgrounds that make it impossible to read the content, big colourful animations that just don’t fit and designs that… well… just have no design sense at all.

These websites need to be immortalised and praised for their shoddy construction and ugliness. That’s why we came up with The Crap Website Awards.

All you have to do to submit a website and give it a chance to win is share it on Twitter using the #crapwebsiteawards hashtag.

As you’ll see from the images here, the standard is VERY low.

To see the current submissions, click here.

I haven’t set a date for the awards yet or decided what categories there should be because I’m crap too.  This is all about the crapness so as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good.  Get submitting and comment here with category ideas.  If there’s enough craplove I might make things all big and official like.

0 thoughts on “The Crap Website Awards”

  1. I love you a straight manly way… I built an app for that exact purpose.. was going to call my canvas page hate love because so many websites bring hate first but a lawyer friend said you might get sued so I went all positive.. did a suggestions = tell me what you hate.. recs..what do you like.. it is still in beta.. but hey everything is a work in progress.. I sill need a ff app but the idea is to get rid crap on the web.. people need to grasp the concept a crap website does nothing.. so love the article 🙂

  2. I’ll be honest this website itself is pretty CRAP. The main thing with this site is that the header of the screen needs lowering A HELL OF A LOT! (i.e the title and picture at the left) it just looks crap. Fair doos the colour scheme is average and acceptable to the eye. But lets be honest what have you pulled the template from? Because it is a template don’t even argue. Publisher? Iweb? Dreamweaver? Its crap! Even word-press could’ve done better… I’ll be honest this could be word-press its so crap… So before you can say any website is crap look at your own. By the way this is a really crap website: [link removed] the hole way through before you judge though.By the way this is the website I created in my FIRST YEAR of university: [link removed]…Since I made it some of the texts are out dated and also something is missing from the top right but I’m not sure what. Anyway just to let you know. Thanks.

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