Is Twitter dying or is it just me?

8 Jan 2017

In this article, Lee Stacey attempts to work out whether or not Twitter is now an ex parrot.

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Promoted Tweets Annoy Me

3 Nov 2013

I’ve been wrestling with the subject of promoted tweets for a while and I think I’ve come up with a solution. A solution that makes me feel better, at least. Promoted Tweets Aren’t That Bad They really aren’t. Actually, they’re a good thing and I fully support them. Provided they are relevant to me, that […]

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My Twitter has been hacked, what do I do?

9 Oct 2012

Every now and then, Twitter seems to get hit by what we in the business call “phishing” attacks. This is where your Twitter account is taken over by a remote source that sends out links via your profile (often by direct message) which in turn infect other accounts. The first rule is of course not […]

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Should all brands engage on Twitter

7 Oct 2012

With social media in its autumn years as a “thing”, most brands in English speaking countries are finding their way on to Twitter, and quite rightly too. It’s a party you just can’t afford to miss. Unfortunately, it feels like one of those dysfunctional parties where nobody really knows anyone. Some are there with an […]

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To err is human; to follow divine – guest post by @Loudmouthman

23 May 2011

The worn out and trite epitome of simple marketing suggests that “People buy from People”, although a quick google for this phrase suggests it may not have a single author to its credit. Rarely has anyone ever said to me “Google tells me this is an excellent product”, instead recommendations come in the form of […]

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Social media science and statistics will kill our creativity (please retweet)

16 Apr 2011

Yes, the topic of this blog post (and probably the content of the tweet you followed to get here) are completely loaded, horrid, spammy and designed to go after easy traffic. The thing is, and we all know this secretly, these things work. Along with the attention grabbing headline, I’m also begging for twitter users […]

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Do we cut through the noise or take advantage of the quiet?

15 Apr 2011

This is one of those blog posts where I make an observation in the real world and apply my thoughts about it to social media. I’m not going to bother you with lots of statistics or tell you that your Twitter or Facebook marketing strategy is wrong or that I know better than you, at […]

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Mobile apps – the process must change – Android iPhone

2 Apr 2011

Twitter’s recent(ish) developer crushing announcement got me thinking. While a lot of independent developers might not like their new rules, Twitter does have the right idea in as much as they want to deliver a consistent experience across all platforms and devices. Shame there’s no sign of that in their own mobile & web apps […]

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Is sharing really caring?

15 Mar 2011

When I hit the “Publish” button on my blog post”Social media suicide – the conclusion” the other day I thought I was done with that topic. I had found out what I wanted and it was now time to move on… that was until I found myself sat on the train tonight, reading my feeds […]

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