Why we are still texting?

13 Mar 2013

This article is in response to Joshua Fruhlinger’s post on Engadget “This is the Modem World: Why Are We Still Texting?“ Joshua’s article explains how silly it is that we’re still using outdated, expensive SMS messages in a world where we’re all carrying devices capable of so much more. In my response, I shall state […]

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Path – my favourite social network

21 Mar 2012

When it first appeared on the scene back in 2010, the idea behind social network Path was that you could have a more personal space, for sharing moments with those really close to you. This being the all important factor, you were limited to only 50 friends. The other (almost) unique factor was that it […]

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Mobile apps – the process must change – Android iPhone

2 Apr 2011

Twitter’s recent(ish) developer crushing announcement got me thinking. While a lot of independent developers might not like their new rules, Twitter does have the right idea in as much as they want to deliver a consistent experience across all platforms and devices. Shame there’s no sign of that in their own mobile & web apps […]

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The Social Media Disconnect

18 Feb 2010

Businesses STILL don't seem to get it, do they?  More often than not, the corporate world leave the management of their social media up to the marketing department or simply outsource to to an external marketing agency.  Nothing wrong with this but if a company has a social media presence, they really need to be […]

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The iPad = The Perfect Home Computer?

28 Jan 2010

Once again the world has gone crazy about another Apple product but is it really that useful?  To the average geek it probably isn’t because it’s not really very practical for hardcore computing, we have better devices.  Portability wise, everything we need to do on the move is taken care of by our smartphones and […]

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