Confused By Google Wave?

It appears that most people are.  What I’m going to attempt to do for you here is not a review or a how to…  That would be pointless.  It’s not a released product yet so it could change drastically and suddenly at any point.  What I shall be doing is

Me For A Day

Wild accusations, the death of a friend Enough to drive a bloke round the bend A broken marriage and jobless as well But I still wear the mask so no one can tell How would you like to be me for a day? To open your eyes and see nothing

Actually You’re Probably All Wrong

You should use twitter this way if you plan to do this… As the title suggests, you are all probably wrong.  Twitter is far too new and not far enough into its evolutionary process for us to know how we should be using it as a business tool.  There are

Daily Mail – Officially Stuck In The Past

Yesterday the Daily Mail showed us all that they are officially stuck in the past and don’t really understand what’s going on with this article about celebrities using Twitter:How boring: Celebrities sign up to Twitter to reveal the most mundane aspect of their lives Maybe they are a little green

The Shorty Awards Are Meaningless

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a bit of buzz on Twitter about the Shorty Awards, a bunch of awards for the best short content available on Twitter.  A really nice concept and definitely one that should be nurtured and developed.  Unfortunately it’s a bit of a

The Facebook Blackout (idiots) #Facebook

I've seen some silly ideas in my time but this one really takes the biscuit. On December 15th the members of a Facebook group of the same name will boycott Facebook for one day in a pathetic attempt to show their displeasure in the changes being made to Facebook.  The