The value of looking up

27 Mar 2012

About 18 months ago, my iPhone decided to quit life and leave me phoneless. Unfortunately, this was 2 days before Christmas so funds were tight but due to being away from the office for the next week, I needed to replace it but with something cheap. With that, I proceeded to ask Twitter what I […]

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Mobile apps – the process must change – Android iPhone

2 Apr 2011

Twitter’s recent(ish) developer crushing announcement got me thinking. While a lot of independent developers might not like their new rules, Twitter does have the right idea in as much as they want to deliver a consistent experience across all platforms and devices. Shame there’s no sign of that in their own mobile & web apps […]

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The iPad = The Perfect Home Computer?

28 Jan 2010

Once again the world has gone crazy about another Apple product but is it really that useful? ┬áTo the average geek it probably isn’t because it’s not really very practical for hardcore computing, we have better devices. ┬áPortability wise, everything we need to do on the move is taken care of by our smartphones and […]

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Audioboo: iPhone Blogging Application

23 Mar 2009

Thanks to Christian Payne (@Documentally) I have been introduced to some newness that I thought I might share with you.  This particular nugget of newness is a very simple audio blogging platform for the iPhone that could well become audio’s answer to YouTube. Where Audioboo beats most other audio blogging and/or podcasting technologies to date […]

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