Should all brands engage on Twitter

7 Oct 2012

With social media in its autumn years as a “thing”, most brands in English speaking countries are finding their way on to Twitter, and quite rightly too. It’s a party you just can’t afford to miss. Unfortunately, it feels like one of those dysfunctional parties where nobody really knows anyone. Some are there with an […]

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A Twitter follower is for life, not just for Christmas

29 Dec 2010

So many people on Twitter trying to get more followers; It seems that people are obsessed with this number. I could just sit here all smug like and gloat over my own over inflated follower count or I could share a little of my understanding and help you find a little more value in your […]

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Marketing On Twitter… So Many Still Getting It Wrong

20 Nov 2009

So you’ve got a business, you’re on Twitter and you’re auto adding people based on keyword searches in the hope that they will follow back.  Some do, some don’t.  When they follow back you hit their DM inbox with a link to your product/service and you can tweet all day about your awesome things, right […]

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