Path – my favourite social network

When it first appeared on the scene back in 2010, the idea behind social network Path was that you could have a more personal space, for sharing moments with those really close to you. This being the all important factor, you were limited to only 50 friends. The other (almost) unique factor was that it... Continue Reading →

Is sharing really caring?

When I hit the "Publish" button on my blog post"Social media suicide - the conclusion" the other day I thought I was done with that topic. I had found out what I wanted and it was now time to move on... that was until I found myself sat on the train tonight, reading my feeds... Continue Reading →

Should I commit social media suicide?

Having almost 15,000 Twitter followers is great sometimes. I get an enormous amount of exposure every time I write a blog post and so does anyone I retweet and that has come mostly from growing my Twitter contacts. Growth? I started collecting Twitter followers en-masse a couple of years ago as an experiment to try... Continue Reading →

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