Why we are still texting

This article is in response to Joshua Fruhlinger’s post on Engadget “This is the Modem World: Why Are We Still Texting?

Joshua’s article explains how silly it is that we’re still using outdated, expensive SMS messages in a world where we’re all carrying devices capable of so much more.

In my response, I shall state what I believe the reasons are.

1. Not everyone has a smartphone

My Mum doesn’t have one, neither does my Dad. They are a minority these days but there are still thousands of people who just use dumbphones. SMS treats everyone equally, regardless of device.

2. SMS gives good UX

Whatever your choice of phone, SMS works in pretty much the same way. It’s not capable of doing anything but text (MMS is a different topic) so for that reason, it’s simple.

3. Messaging apps are crap

Not all apps are available for all mobile platforms. If your friend doesn’t have a Blackberry you can’t send them a BBM from your Blackberry. WhatsApp doesn’t work the same way across platforms and due to being independent, probably won’t exist in 5 years time. Not only this but how do you know which app everyone will be using in 6 months? “Kik me” What?

4. Email is horrible

Email is fairly standard but it’s horrible to use. For starters, you have to set it all up yourself. It just doesn’t come as easily as text messaging because it does so much more.

Let’s face it, SMS just works and there’s nothing better at this time. With manufacturers and service vendors playing their cards so close to their chest, there’s not likely to be anytime soon.