Every now and then Windows PCs get really slow.  This is often caused by a combination of things but is rarely the end of the world.

There is no magical software application to speed up your PC or "clean" your memory.  It's just not worth buying more RAM or upgrading processors these days either so I suggest you follow these simple steps and if performance is still lacking, buy a new PC.  Better still, get a Mac!

  1. Run an anti malware scan (Adaware is about the best free option)
  2. Run an anti virus scan
  3. Uninstall any software you don't use
  4. Run Windows Update
  5. Remove any files you don't need
  6. Clear out temporary internet files
  7. Defrag the hard drive (Don't do this more often than once a year)

This will not cost you a single penny but will no doubt take several hours.  Yes, this probably is exactly what I did when I came round and fixed your computer.

Yes, there are other things that can cause your PC to slow down but this covers most of the issues.

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  1. Blogged about this as well, and I find CCleaner to be excellent at doing a lot of tedious cleaning for me. Uninstalling or disabling application that nest in your system tray is also a major tip. Software that just sits on your HD doesn’t hurt, but if it starts up every time and just sits there eating memory you’d better get rid of it.Why not defrag more than once a year btw? To not wear out your HD oslt? I prefer to do it a lot really, so that the defragging itself never takes longer than a few minutes, and my system keeps running nice and smooth.Defragging after a year (or more) can be hellish. It takes ages to sort stuff out then.

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