When it first appeared on the scene back in 2010, the idea behind social network Path was that you could have a more personal space, for sharing moments with those really close to you. This being the all important factor, you were limited to only 50 friends. The other (almost) unique factor was that it was exclusive to mobile use.

All that exclusivity, tied with a beautiful interface and a timeline that made your experiences into a story made for a great user experience. The only problem was that it was a little too exclusive, and for that reason it failed to gain any traction.

Fast forward to 2011 and Path announce version 2. With an improved timeline, an Android version that is as good as the iPhone version and no friend cap, Path became much more social.

Along with the above changes, they also improved the ability to share outside of the network and made privacy easy to manage by keeping how you share things a very simple process.

Another nice feature is the way you can very easily show your sentiment for a piece of content by simply choosing an emoticon.

All in all, this mobile social network is a nice way to share your thoughts or moments with your peers in a simple hassle free manner with few distractions.

The only problem with Path is that it will probably fail in the long run due to a lack of monetisation. It’s probably fair to say that they are attempting to address this by way of brand partnerships, like their recent pairing with Nike but is that really scaleable? I don’t think so…  I personally couldn’t get whatever it is they did together to work on my phone and the news came and went in an evening so I’m not sure it’s had the desired effect for anyone.

I would love to see Path flourish because it’s a great social experience and a pleasure to use but if they don’t find more commercial options soon, I fear it will be no more.

Fingers crossed!

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