Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. This is the place to come if you feel you need to be kept up to date with what I’m up to (or not).

I’ve got the week off work (yay) so I’ve ended up with a bit of time to waste. Today I have Finished reading a book (Temple – Matthew Reilly), bought some shin pads (for football) and started a blog. As you will have no doubt noticed, I glossed over that lot rather quickly. Man, this blog is going to be interesting!

I will be attempting to use this blog to remind me to do things. For instance, I should be doing something else now but instead, I sit here blogging… Why did I put that? Well, when I look at the blog next time, I’ll remember to do what I should be doing as I write this.

Get my drift? Good.

0 thoughts on “My first blog post”

    1. This post has quite a back story…
      It started life on Blogspot in 2005, got moved to a self hosted WordPress blog in 2006, moved to Posterous in 2008 and back to a self hosted WordPress in 2012.
      It’s a journeyman blog post.

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