Wild accusations, the death of a friend
Enough to drive a bloke round the bend
A broken marriage and jobless as well
But I still wear the mask so no one can tell
How would you like to be me for a day?
To open your eyes and see nothing but grey
No wonder I struggle to get out of bed
Good job I have to, there’s cats to be fed
Thank God for family, thank God for friends
The real ones I mean, not he who pretends
Beware the pretender, await his attack
You won’t know a thing ’til the knife’s in your back
Of course by then it’s already too late
They’ve made up their mind, you’re on your own mate
The question I ask is “where to from here?”
Continue the fight or just disappear?

0 thoughts on “Me For A Day”

  1. You need to get up north Fresh air, warm beer, deep fried pizza ! above all better football teams ;)) Keep fighting Nirvana is just around the corner !

  2. Lee, I always find a new side to you through your writings. You don’t seem to be the kind to disappear, keep up the fight and we will back you up.

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