Actually, I don’t hate it at all. That’s just what everyone else is saying.

Believe it or not, the Facebook interface designers base their decisions mostly on two factors. Those being: What the users want and what will help drive more revenue. Unfortunately, every now and then something you use is going to get dropped. It’s probably been dropped because not many people use that feature or because it doesn’t fit in with something they have planned for future development. They do know who clicks what and how often they are clicking it…

Imagine if they did a U-turn every time the user base said: “we don’t like it, change it back”. Well, most of you probably wouldn’t be using it now because it would still be a closed network for students. It wouldn’t have any apps or games. It wouldn’t integrate with other social networks.

Change is good. Change is necessary for evolution and improvement.

You will get used to it.

0 thoughts on “I Hate The New Facebook Interface!”

  1. You hate it.. try having a facebook app.. when I first started doing it I got stuck between the new and old profiles. they didn’t tell you if they were going to get rid of the old one or support both. You were forced to build for both in a way. Now they are phasing out the profile boxes.. you are like thanks.. wasted that cash… but the good news is from an app perspective this last one makes sense. You get one place in the profile.. you just don’t have to suck. So this change actually helps me focus my app in a place that will be sellable to businesses. Yah I don’t like it either.. but whatever right.. can’t afford to compete with them in a direct social battle. If you could monitize 2nd and 3rd world countries with fast loading social site. I suppose you could figure out some unique ways to download pics and videos. That was the big thing with india. I needed a way to download them video files automatically over night. getting files to foriegn contacts was difficult for the business I use to work at. Getting people .exe files would cost $200 to get to brazil. A service like dropbox would be worth its weight in gold.. man I would love to build a social help system. the way help is done online sucks.. google groups are confusing and techy, a lot of times all you want is to ask a business a question…Doesn’t that blow your mind… that companies actually seek to frustrate people by trying to save on help and then will spend $100 000 on marketing… help is marketing done right because what is better than taking a complaint and fixing the problem.Most companies look good when all things go well. It is the ones who look good when things go bad. Which is why you and I need to have a talk about your youtube.. try focusing your videos through video response. Try to focus on partner videos.. look at subscriptions.. look at twitter trends.. in fact I might do a daily blog if I were you which talked about the top 5 worlds. That would be important to me and other keyword horrors. I did an experiment with the superbowl. I did a video talking about the who and then got a 1000 views right away cause of that. Keywords and SEO still matter in video because the content is a great big black box. I always thought that TVs make a mistake when they don’t allow you to buy a product you see in a video or tv. Baffles me about youtube. They could allow users to link to what you see in the video and give the user an affiliate link which they split with youtube.. I mean they have a ton of content they don’t put ads on.. silly when you think of it..Do it stories… tell a story while you teach about the problems you deal with and how it hinders business..Also with youtube you can fix your +- in twitter. contests that retweet is keyI am drunk…lol.. do people actually drink vodka straight?

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