This is one of those blog posts where I make an observation in the real world and apply my thoughts about it to social media. I’m not going to bother you with lots of statistics or tell you that your Twitter or Facebook marketing strategy is wrong or that I know better than you, at least not today. Today I will just leave you with my thoughts and let you work the rest out for yourself. Please share any thoughts you have in the comments area below the post.

My thought of the day

This evening I was walking through my home town of Burgess Hill and a plane flew over, I’m guessing it was at around 10,000 feet. I heard the plane coming and looked up. Nothing funny or odd about that at all. I heard a plane, I looked up, I saw a plane. There were two other people walking on the same street that did the same.

Earlier today I was walking through London to work, just happened to be looking up and saw a plane fly over at what I’m guessing was about 3,000 feet. There were literally hundreds of people on the same street as me and not one person looked up, at least not that I noticed. One thing that was different was that I couldn’t hear the lower plane because London is a lot noisier than Burgess Hill. London is noisier because (once you get to the root of it) there are more people.

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