Yesterday the Daily Mail showed us all that they are officially stuck in the past and don’t really understand what’s going on with this article about celebrities using Twitter:
How boring: Celebrities sign up to Twitter to reveal the most mundane aspect of their lives

Maybe they are a little green with envy at the thought of celebrities taking out the middle man.  Funny how in their eyes it’s so bad for Britney Spears to tell us she’s going to the shops but it’s perfectly OK for the printed press to tell us the same…  In fact they have been known to fill two pages with exactly the same news that Britney can give us herself in 140 characters or less.

John Cleese commented today (on Twitter of course) by saying “I bet the Daily Mail will be using it themselves this year. I’ll bet you one curate’s egg, 2nd hand, couple of million careless owners…”  He also said “I see it as cutting out the middle man. Instead of the papers reporting every boring detail, the celebrities are doing it”.

I personally find the “mundane” tweetings of people like John Cleese and Stephen Fry quite entertaining and it is nice to know they are human after all.  It may surprise many but these guys don’t just spam us with their musings but they speak back sometimes too…  Engaging in conversation…  Imagine that???

With other news agencies like The Times, The Guardian and the BBC embracing social media those nimbyist old fools at the Daily Mail are really starting to look like the lame duck of the media world.

Wake up and smell the social media coffee!

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