If you're not familiar with Bach (Why not?) but wish to broaden your horizons and get a little peek into what this great man has done, I've compiled a short list of "entry level" compositions by the great man himself to get you started.  I've picked these particular pieces because unless you live with your head in the sand you should recognise every single one.

Hopefully on hearing these you will then go and explore further.

  • Brandenburg Concerto No.3 In G
  • Air On A G String (From Overture No.3)
  • Toccata In D Minor
  • Overture No.2 In B Minor: Badinerie
  • Prelude No.1

You will find all of the above pieces on the Cavendish Music Library release "Great Composers – JS Bach" (2002).

For those of you using Spotify, just follow this link:

To find out a bit more about Bach, the Wikipedia article is a pretty good place to start:

Yes, I'm actually obsessed with Bach.  🙂

0 thoughts on “An Introduction To J.S. Bach – 5 Essential Pieces”

  1. Hi! I’ve heard so much about Bach and would like to begin to listen to some of his works. Since there are over 1,000 compositions, I’m not sure where and how to start. Obviously I will take advantage of the list you made above, but I would still be grateful for your advice.I hope I hear from you.

  2. Hi Chidi,Yes, Bach has composed an awful lot of music but be careful not to overdose… his music is very formulaic so listening to too much at once can be like eating too much pizza. While pizza is very nice and comes in many flavours, pizza is still pizza and Bach is still Bach!Listen to the pieces I’ve listed above, tell me what you think about them and I’ll point you to some more. :)Happy listening!

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