So many people on Twitter trying to get more followers; It seems that people are obsessed with this number. I could just sit here all smug like and gloat over my own over inflated follower count or I could share a little of my understanding and help you find a little more value in your Twitter experience.

What can you give your followers?

That’s right, I said “give”. In order for someone to follow you, you need to give them something that they want. If you’re just going to chatter about what you had for tea and procrastinate over your miserable life, don’t expect too many people to be interested in that. On Twitter people are generally only looking for the following:

  1. To be entertained – Will you make your followers laugh, cry or fall in love?
  2. To be informed – Can you tell your followers something they don’t already know?
  3. To converse with like minds – This one is easy to sustain but hard to break the ice.

I truly believe that goes for everyone on Twitter and if you can tick the first two boxes, you’re more likely to find or be found by those that will help you tick box three.

Keep them following

Once you’ve ensnared them with your charm and wit, you need to keep them interested. It’s not rocket science, it just takes a little bit of work. Just keep ticking those three boxes and for pity’s sake, if someone talks to you, be courteous and respond to them.

The golden rule

Treat your Twitter followers  as you wish to be treated yourself.

You have to show an interest in them too, you know? Online relationships are not so dissimilar to real life offline relationships. It cuts both ways!

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0 thoughts on “A Twitter follower is for life, not just for Christmas”

  1. I’m glad you included the Golden Rule. I’ve seen too many people behave as if someone following them gives them license for abuse. On line mammals have feelings, too!

  2. . @LilPecan Indeed, digital Guinea pigs are not just for Christmas either! It’s common sense mixed with common courtesy, that’s all! How can you expect someone to care about you if you don’t care about them? It’s all about spreading the love!

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