Adult colouring books must go

I am a manchild. I’m not going to deny it. I’m 39 years old, play minecraft and draw on things I shouldn’t. For that reason, I’m probably in no position to criticise another fully grown human for enjoying a colouring book – and I’m not gonna.

My gripe is not with adults using colouring books. It’s fine. Colour away. It’s therapeutic. It’s a good thing.

My issue is with the term “adult colouring book”. Seriously, why does it have to be prefixed with “adult”? There’s nothing adult (or juvenile for that matter) about it. It’s just a colouring book. Just a bunch of outline drawings in black, on white paper. Don’t know if you noticed but that’s exactly what normal colouring books (without the prefix) are.

So far, I’ve seen nothing to distinguish an adult colouring book from a normal one. If there are any out there with genuine adult (you know what I mean) content, I’d like to see one. I’m sure they must exist.

Come on, it’s just a colouring book. Stop pretending it’s a special thing for grown-ups. It’s not. It’s for anyone that wants to have a go.

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