10 Years of This Crap

I actually missed the official anniversary by a couple of months but this blog — believe it or not — has been up and running for ten whole years. In that time it’s gone through several designs, multiple hosts, and patches of good and bad. I’d say right now it’s in a bit of a slump. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the “recent” content. It’s not very good or very recent. 

Like the blog, I too have undergone various forms of metamorphosis. In ten years I have been married and divorced, changed career several times and suffered some serious bouts of mental illness.

Technology has changed rather a lot too. Right now, I am writing this on my phone. When I first started this blog, the smartphone was a mere twinkle in Ericsson’s (now Sony Ericsson) eye. Back then, a text message was considered futuristic. There was no Twitter and even the mighty Facebook was only just beginning to gain traction.

Ten years is a long time. Where did it go?