A journalistic mission of movie reviews

I have decided to set myself a mission to review every single movie in the Guardian’s “Greatest Movies of All Time” list.

I’ve started with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. More… Many more will follow. I hope.

Why am I doing this?

Seeing as you asked, I’m doing it for my own personal gratification. I’ve seen a lot of movies. A lot of great movies. I’ve also seen a lot of not-so-good movies. At one point in my life I was watching 1-2 movies every single day. The problem with watching so many movies is that you forget them, at least I do. I often find that several movies will blur into one memory.

To fix my memory problems and make the good ones really stand out, I’m going to review as many of them as I can. Even movies that I have seen before, whether I liked them or not, I will watch again and review.

No, I probably won’t get through the whole list and I will probably throw a few other movies into the mix myself.

It’ll be fun, hopefully. If that stops being the case, I’ll stop doing it.

As much as I love you, my dear reader, this is for me.

I’m happy to share it with you though and I have absolutely no objection to you doing the same!

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