Google+ is a bloody nightmare

Perhaps the title of this rant is a little unfair. Google+, in itself, is pretty good. It’s me that is the problem. In fact, it’s my dual identity.

I use Gmail as my main mail provider. Can’t fault that, it’s been great for years. Naturally this same account is what’s at the core of my Google+ profile and subsequently all other Google services share this one account. It’s perfect. Except it isn’t…

My work email is also Gmail based. This account also has a Google+ profile.

Therein lies the problem. I have two Google+ identities. People I contact on my work address are usually drawn to connect to my work Google+ account. People I know outside of my dayjob usually connect to my personal account. Usually. Not always. It’s confusing.

I would like, if at all possible, to merge my two Gmail accounts into one Google+ account.

I don’t want two Google+ profiles.

If you know of a workaround, hack or other magic bullet, or want to share your Google+ experience then please leave me a comment below.