Dead Pilchard – The search for my music back catalogue

Former members of StudioSense, Audiofoolz, SectionZ or the FL Studio (Fruityloops) Looptalk forum will probably remember me as “Pilchard” and will be aware that the music made available on this site or my Soundcloud page is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an awful lot of back catalogue missing.

When my old server died, I lost the lot. Yes, of course I had a backup but sadly on my attempt to restore the files, the backup HDD clunked, whirred, clunked again and made a grinding noise. It was also dead. Like I said, it’s all gone.

This post is an appeal to anyone that may still have some of my old tunes on their computers, ipods or whatever. I know there are MP3 hoarders out there and I have confidence that most, if not all of my back catalogue is out there somewhere. If you are sitting on any of my old tunes, please send them my way.

I will think of a suitable reward.

Please help if you can.

Thank you in advance.