Rail performance charts

Outside my local railway station there is a poster with charts showing how well Southern are doing. According to these charts, the majority of trains run on time. It’s no small majority either, we’re talking percentages in the high nineties.

Every time I see these charts I wonder how different they would look if they were measured by the number of journeys taken by customers instead of trains.

Also, there’s a threshold for what is considered a delay. If that threshold were changed, what would the charts look like then?

I’d like to know what the average delay time looks like for the average customer and what the distribution curve looks like for each customer.

I really think rail companies need to stop patting themselves on the back for doing a great job when they clearly are not.

Perhaps if rail companies aimed a bit higher, things might improve. The “small wins” mentality is nothing but a hindrance to the improvement of our infrastructure and is without doubt detrimental to our economy.