My personal football crisis

It’s rare for me to blog about sport but this is something I want to get off my chest. It’s important to me and this is my blog.

If you didn’t know, I support Liverpool. Historically a great club. Recently, not so much. This is where the meat of this post lies.

It’s been a bad season for Liverpool. After Roy Hodgson leaving the club in a bit of a mess, former player manager Kenny Dalglish stepped up to sort things out. Expectations were high and he failed to meet them. He spent lots of money on questionable signings and left us at the end of the season in our worst league position since… well… before I was born. He has now left the club. Nudged, obviously. Rightly.

It’s not all down to the manager though. The team as a whole are not as good as they could be. You’ve got Steven Gerard who, although very good in his own right, is a true square peg. With him, mostly an army of average players all trying to fit around him. In my opinion, he needs to go too.

Anyway, that’s enough about Liverpool, let’s talk about England…

The England squad have a new boss. Woo and yay. It’s that man that left Liverpool in tatters, Roy Hodgson. Because that wasn’t all his fault, I thought I’d give him benefit of doubt on his new position…

That was until I saw his squad selection for Euro 2012.

Our new national captain is square peg, Steven Gerrard. Right. That’ll work… Not.

Not only that but also seems to have drawn heavily upon Liverpool generally. Why? Where is the sense in that? And why Downing?

That’s it. There’s my crisis.