Twitter acquires Posterous – the end of simple blogging?

I’ve been using Posterous as my main blogging platform for several years and in my opinion, because of its simple interface, ability to post via email and share everywhere, it’s the best and most social blogging platform around. In case you hadn’t noticed, this very blog is powered by Posterous.

The acquisition

Last night I learned that Posterous had been acquired by Twitter. The announcement on Posterous’ own blog says that “Spaces” (this blog is a Posterous Space) will remain open but they will be creating a process for export, should anyone wish to take their content elsewhere.

While they did effectively say it would be business as usual, they didn’t say how long for. This concerns me. I have a horrible feeling that this very blog will end up homeless soon…


Of course, at this stage I can only speculate and who knows, Twitter may keep things running in a way that suits me; though I doubt it.

At this stage I’m hoping Twitter will use the service “as is” but bring it into their platform. As long as the link structure stays intact, I’m fine with that. I’ve put a lot of effort into making this platform work for me and it’s worth a lot in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation).

That of course leads me to the “what if”. What if they do shut it down? Sure I’ll be able to export my content but will there be an easy way to preserve my link structure? Will I lose all those years of hard work?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Keep this frequency clear.



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4 thoughts on “Twitter acquires Posterous – the end of simple blogging?

  1. I always worry about creating content on a platform that’s outside my control :-(If it comes to it, maybe you could import your blog to self-hosted wordpress and rewrite the URLs with .htaccess


  2. It’s always best to self host and if I move away from Posterous, I will be doing exactly that… I’m just fearing the amount of work that will be needed for redirecting all those URLs… 😦


  3. Oddly enough, the older content on this blog was exported from my own self hosted WordPress blog… many years ago… 🙂


  4. Self hosting WP is the way to go – full control over everything. Grab a host that has cPanel and then the redirects are easy and you don’t need to write .htaccess files.I moved from to with not a link dropped!


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