Is sharing really caring?

When I hit the “Publish” button on my blog post”Social media suicide – the conclusion” the other day I thought I was done with that topic. I had found out what I wanted and it was now time to move on… that was until I found myself sat on the train tonight, reading my feeds and sharing the stuff I like with my Twitter buddies, such as I do.


Sharing is caring

On my phone I have this great app called my6sense which by way of clever algorithm surfaces content from my RSS feed subscriptions that is most likely to be of interest based on what I’ve previously shared using the app. I scan, I read, if it’s good I share. The more I share, the more the app knows about the kind of stuff I like. It’s just full of shareable win. In fact today, it would appear that it was a little more full of win than normal as my good friend and colleague Hamid (@HSirhan) got all excited and came as close as you can get on Twitter to looking like something from Dawn Of The Dead but with a hankering for links rather than brains. This was what got me thinking… he was loving it but was everyone else?

Like it or lump it

Prior to my social media suicide experiment I took the view that if someone didn’t like my content, they could simply unfollow. If they are not interested in what I like, they aren’t interested in me and that’s fine. No skin off my nose. I really didn’t care at all but now my network is smaller and the relationships I have with those that are a part of it is essentially stronger, should I perhaps reassess this? Perhaps it’s time I dropped that ridiculous, egotistical attitude. While I know I can’t please all of the people all the time, I could probably do better in trying not to piss them off. Because my followers aren’t all 30 something male tech geeks with a passion for social media and digital marketing, chances are that when I spray Twitter with links that interest me, most of them are probably of no interest to most of my followers and in some cases may even flood their timeline. This would piss me off if I were in their shoes.

What about those that do like it?

Amongst those that I’m connected to there are a few (Like Hamid) that really do like the links I churn out and there are even a few folks that follow and engage with me because we have those things in common. If I were to stop sharing these links, they would be missing out on the cool stuff I really enjoy sharing with them. Often it’s a conversation starter and that’s where the real value in all this social stuff really is, right?

I have actually been here before

It’s not the first time I’ve had this little moral tug of war. I’ve been here before. A while back I even set up a Twitter account exclusively for sharing links and sharing links only. Conversation over here and links over there. Everybody’s happy. Of course, it didn’t work because the content and the conversation actually go hand in hand. It was a silly idea.

The solution

I’ve not really got a solution; that’s why I’m writing this rather rambly blog post. With a bit of luck you might leave a comment and help me out on this one. I will be doing a couple of things differently from now though. Firstly, I’m going to share a bit slower. Bombarding my timeline with links probably isn’t a good idea. Secondly, I’m not going to rage so much when someone I follow bombards me with irrelevant links. I now understand this and know that they are only doing as I once did.

The moral of the story is simple:

Treat your followers as you wish to be treated by those you follow yourself.


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