Want to get engagement on Twitter? Tweet silly!

It's an absolute no brainer that to get more out of Twitter you need more engagement but some people struggle to actually make that happen. You're working hard, tweeting insight and knowledge but you're still not getting the levels of real conversation you want. Why is that? What do people want from you?

I can only speak for myself here but my twitter stream seems to be full of wonderful nuggets of information and great content. Too much of it in fact. Sometimes I want complete off the wall irrelevance.

I want silly!

I know this works because when I tweet something silly, I get far more engagement than when I tweet anything else.

People like silly!

It's not magic or anything like that and there is a very simple reason as to why silly tweets work. As human beings we are driven by emotion. In order to engage in something, we need to care about it. If a topic doesn't hook us in emotionally, we don't care enough to join in.

So why do people care about your silly nonsense? If something even for a second lifts your spirits and makes you smile, that's an emotional response. It's then perfectly natural to want to make that last a bit longer by engaging.

In hindsight, I should have given this blog post a silly title but sadly Google has no emotions so silly doesn't help my page rank!

Tweet me silly: @LStacey