Why O2’s new data tariff makes me happy and sad

When I heard that O2 were putting a £1 per day cap on their over limit data charges I got as close to jumping for joy as you’re ever likely to see me get. I’m a social media junkie so running over limit is pretty easy for me and pretty regular too. I’d often find myself spending literally hundreds of pounds a month on my gratuitous data consumption. Not good and for me, not sustainable.

Now that I only get charged £1 per day for my excess data, it’s unlikely that my total monthly bill will ever run to much more than about £40 which is great news.

So you’re probably wondering why it makes me sad. As I said before, it was not uncommon for me to spend hundreds of pounds per month. Now, I doubt the cost of data to O2 has decreased by such orders of magnitude so it leaves me with one simple conclusion. For all that time I was being ripped off by O2. Not just ripped off but financially raped and I feel violated.

I hope the shareholders have been enjoying my money as much as I’m now going to enjoy not spending it. How about a free iPhone 4 for my troubles?

Didn’t think so.