Now PLEASE stop ripping me off… Thanks!

Many moons ago I created a whle bunch of demo content for a music production application called Fruityloops (now called FL Studio).  Ever since then that music has been (vaguely) remixed more times than I’ve had hot dinners… This is nice.  I like this.  Unfortunately, another thing that happens a lot is that people try to pass it off as being their own.  This is not nice.  I do NOT like this.

I’m not going to start taking people to court over it. It’s not like they are going to make any commercial gains or even mean any real harm by it so I’m taking the passive approach and uploading the originals to YouTube as this seems to be where it is happening most.  My theory is that mine should rise to the top because they have the distinct advantage of not being fake.  Also, I have pretty good web reach.

Funny thing is that none of the songs in question are even that good!  😀