Using Twitter hashtags to increase the visibility of #Foursquare locations


In today’s social media hungry world it’s commonplace when running a business or event to get its location on Foursquare so that people can check in and tell everyone they are there. Foursquare is already a great tool for improving the online visibility of real world locations but most of you are missing a trick by leaving out one small detail; Twitter hashtags.

A hashtag, when viewed in a Twitter client or on the Twitter website is a clickable link that opens a search for that particular term. This allows anyone to keep up with conversation around that topic or contribute by using that hashtag themselves.

Adding a hashtag to the name of your location on is a very simple way of increasing its online visibility. Not every Foursquare user attending an event will sit and tweet your hashtag but many of them will post their location to Foursquare and subsequently to Twitter. If you’re using a hashtag in your location data, you’re instantly extending the reach of the hashtag to their followers as soon as they check in.