The product of a sleepless night


For whatever reason, I was completely unable to sleep last night so I thought rather than waste time I’d get on with something useful and fix the mess that was my blog.  Along with fixing the theming (how the website looks), I also added a couple of bits; accessible from the nav on the right.

New bits

  • Music – I thought it was about time I gave my music a bit more exposure.  You can download my album and a few other tunes I’ve written from this page.
  • Pics – Nothing special, just a slideshow from my Flickr stream.  It’ll do for now, until I get my photo blog properly integrated.
  • Location – Where I am, where I’ve been and where I might be going… Actually, not the last bit.  In fact, as I write this, the rather snazzy plugin I’ve used here isn’t actually working.  Epic fail.
  • About me – Just a short blurb about my humble self.

What I’ve fixed

  • Blogroll – The blogroll is back!  Giving props to my favourite blogs.  They are there because I like and reccommend them.  Check them out.
  • Profile pic – It disappeared when I broke the site.  Now it is back and looking awesome, if I may say so myself.
  • Links – Links to some of my other properties and profiles on the web.  I’m fully stalkable!
  • Colours – Everything went orange and brown for a bit… That was nasty!
  • Disclaimer – My blog, my thoughts, my opinions, nobody elses.  Got it?

That’s about it.  If you think it sucks, please let me know so that I can do absolutely nothing about it.  😀