MiFi as a home broadband solution?

3 mobile mifiIf you follow my tweets at all you will have seen that I have been having constant connectivity issues with my BT Total Broadband package and to add insult to injury their Twitter account always pops up and sends me to their online troubleshooter…  First time this happened, that was fine.  I followed the troubleshooter, an engineer came out, he ran some tests and in a nutshell told me that while my connection was crap, it was working and that was good enough.  I’m afraid it actually isn’t, not for the £40+ per month it is costing me so I am going to jump ship.

I could just go to another broadband provider but I’ll still be on the end of the same crappy wire as before and it will still be BT that own that piece of wire.  Not only that but I’ll still be paying £20 per month for a land line that is never used for anything but carrying my broadband.  Seems pointless to me so I’m going to try something different.

Enter MiFi

I have spoken to my friends at 3mobilebuzz and they are sending me out a trial Three MiFi unit.  While MiFi is intended for mobile connectivity, it is a very cheap solution all round and doesn’t need to be plugged into a bit of wire owned by BT.  If this works well enough, it will become my home broadband solution at a mere £15.00 per month.

You do the math… £40+ per month for something that doesn’t work or £15 per month for something that works well enough for what I need.