Does My Flag Offend You?


With the World Cup just around the corner, flags are flying proudly
all over the world and quite rightly so. There’s nothing wrong with
being patriotic and proud of your nationality… Or is there?

Looking at various statuses on Facebook, one might think differently.
According to the all knowing masses, they (whomever they may be) are
trying to ban the English national flag from being flown in public
places etc. Various stories such as pubs being told to take them down
and even ordinary folks having flags removed from their private

It’s so ridiculous that it just can’t be true. There’s a fine line
between political correctness and poppycock and I very much suspect
that this is the latter.

With that in mind, I had a bit of a google around to see if there’s
any fire behind all this smoke and who’d’a thunk it, I found nothing
of the sort. I did find one instance of a woman having her flags cut
down by the council but to be fair, they were tied up to a lamp post
that wasn’t on her property and all public sector services have to
remain completely apolitical so the council worker was probably right
to take them down.

So where has it all come from? I suspect it’s a mixture of Chinese
whispers, ignorance and good old fashioned racism. It’s a common
misconception that most people living in Britain whose roots lie
elsewhere in the world are offended by our national pride. Personally,
I’ve never met anyone fitting that description and I doubt you have
either. I wonder why that is?

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if people were offended by the
nonsense Facebook statuses which sit somewhere on the fuzzy line
between nationalism and racial hate.

Fly your flag, whatever your nationality or preference. Do so proudly
and prominently. It is your right to do so, wherever you were born. If
your flag is different to mine it won’t offend me. If you do find my
flag offensive then I’m terribly sorry, you’ll just have to avert your
eyes but I very much doubt that’s going to be the case anyway.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should stop and think
before you start making a fuss. It’s not the immigrants that are to
blame for this, it’s most likely your own ignorannce that is the real